6. The World According to Me

Learning to observe my own thoughts and emotions has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. I still experience anger, fear, loneliness and uncertainty, but I don’t buy into them. It is so easy to get stuck by believing every thought or feeling I have. So many of them are reflexive, ill-informed, out-of-date, or just plain wrong. 

Being an observer allows me to be curious about my thoughts and feelings. My urge to defend myself, to protect my heart, is so instinctive. I often do not notice it right away, but when I do, I have the opportunity to step back and be curious. 

Of course, even as an observer, I have only my own point of view – The World According to Me. This too can be observed. It is an opportunity to gently remind myself of my limits. 

“The seat of the observer is the seat of the soul” – I think this is from Gary Zukav’s book, Seat of the Soul.

2 thoughts on “6. The World According to Me

  1. Loved the humour in this entry calling out the small self- the world according to me so the observer soul can step in for a wider perspective.The art was amazing underscoring the theme of the prose. Liked the narrow view from the telescope, a great illustration of the little me!


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