Let Your Imagination Serve You

Thanks to Jennie for sending this great cartoon today. As she says, “If I am going to use my imagination, I am going to imagine a heavenly dream that I feel good while I am focused on it.” If you are imagining things that make you feel bad – stop! You know that feeling whenContinue reading “Let Your Imagination Serve You”

A Woo-Woo Moment

I’ve just returned from a week of camping with three of my women friends. Well, it was really more like “glamping” – water, eletricity, both ocean view and shade trees, wine and delicious meals, and time to read. I was continuing to read Sue Monk Kidd’s latest book – The Book of Longings. I cameContinue reading “A Woo-Woo Moment”

Collecting my own Sacred Texts

When I heard from my friend Rebecca that Sue Monk Kidd had a new book, The Book of Longings, I ordered it right away. The first morning I sat down to begin reading, I encountered two quotes on the page before the first chapter. I was so taken by these quotes that I had toContinue reading “Collecting my own Sacred Texts”

Theo-poetry from Marie Howe

Gail sent us this link to a video made at the Boston University Theo-poetics Conference in 2016. I had never heard of Marie Howe or theo-poetics. Thankfully I took the time to listen, and was immediately engaged and intrigued, both by her poetry and her commentary. Regarding her own discovery of theo-poetry she says, “PoetryContinue reading “Theo-poetry from Marie Howe”

Word for the Day – Gratitude

Pat sent us this lovely contribution for today: A practice of gratitude is not about dismissing sadness, anger, fear, or confusion. Rather, it offers us the opportunity to see that we often experience multiple feelings at once; to welcome joy into the same places where we hold grief; to turn our attention to what isContinue reading “Word for the Day – Gratitude”

A Slight Change of Perspective

I once found a dead Anna’s hummingbird in our garden. As I picked it up I thought the head was brown, but as I turned it in the sunlight, it became breath-taking; an iridescent mixture of fuchsia, purple and green. The beauty was invisible until I made ever so tiny turn of my hand. There areContinue reading “A Slight Change of Perspective”

Women Who Read are Dangerous

I’ve just begun reading an interesting book called, Women Who Read are Dangerous, by Stefan Bollman Great title, right? And the cover image had me instantly engaged. It is a survey of the history of art depicting women reading. Who could resist?! On the first page of the introduction I encountered the suggestion that Eve and PandoraContinue reading “Women Who Read are Dangerous”

My Spiritual Evolution/Revolution Part 2

A continuation of an imaginary conversation with Diana Butler-Bass based on her book Grounded. Me: As you say, Diana, the world of my childhood Christianity was a three-tiered universe. Looking back it feels a bit like believing that the earth is flat: 1. Heaven= God’s home, with all the angels and saints, where we look forContinue reading “My Spiritual Evolution/Revolution Part 2”

My Spiritual Evolution/Revolution: part one

An imaginary conversation with Diana Butler-Bass, using quotes from her book Grounded Me: As a Baby-Boomer, I had long understood that I was a part of a large group of children, born in the post World War Two years, when the men came home from war.  But I never really thought about what effect the warContinue reading “My Spiritual Evolution/Revolution: part one”