4. Like the Weather

Sometimes I forget that life is fluid. 

Whatever challenge I am facing, right now, feels like it will last forever.

Whatever emotion I am experiencing, right now, feels like it will last forever. 

I like things well defined, nailed down, with an action plan – something must be done! But does it?

My friend’s father tells her, “Stay calm, do nothing, see what happens.” I love that!

Sometimes all that is really needed is to remember that, like the weather, this too shall pass.

2 thoughts on “4. Like the Weather

  1. Thanks, Deirdre. This reminds me of a wise friend who once observed that he thought I was “trying to push the river”. He said, “I can envision you standing in a river trying to make it go faster. No matter how hard you push, the river will run at its own speed, follow its own path, in its own time”. Just let it be what it is……


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