Do Not Feed the Animals

What a weird holiday season this is! Sometimes it feels like this pandemic will go on forever. My mind is so full of questions about the future – when? What if? What will…? Questions about the spring, and questions about tomorrow and next week…

When I sit still and listen in- paying attention to the chatter that’s going on in my head – I can see that some of it is utter nonsense and the rest is just a waste of energy. My Monkey mind.

Monkey Mind gets especially busy at Christmas time, producing all kinds of emotional baggage from the past.  Family occasions, whether in person or via Zoom can bring up old tapes in our heads – so many monkeys!

Here’s the thing – you can observe the monkeys without feeding them. Don’t encourage them or they will never leave you alone!

The trick is to see your monkey-like thoughts for what they are – a mirage – without substance. You can acknowledge your thoughts without believing them or buying into them.  Try just observing them while consciously breathing, then watch as they pass like clouds on a breezy day. Then carry on with the task in front of you, living in the peace of the present.

Peace and love to you all as we close out this remarkable year. 


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