Pay Your Body a Friendly Visit

This morning I was at the dentist getting my annual teeth cleaning.  It’s hard to relax when someone is poking and scraping in your mouth, still I tried. Just out of curiousity I would peacefully lay my relaxed hands on my tummy and silently follow my breath. Then, every few minutes, I would check back in with my body and find my hands clenched tightly together.  Oops! Relax and begin again.

Clenched hands, clenched jaw, shoulders up around my ears, these are some of the ways I carry tension in my body. These are stress signals to my mind. The body doesn’t lie, but sometimes I am just not listening. 

Make sure you check in regularly with your body. How is it feeling?  Where do you carry stress and tension? Can you let it go?

Try to connect with your inner sensations, deliberately and respectfully, without judgment – like a good friend. 

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