9. The Anxiety Gap

The past is gone, the future is imaginary, the only thing that is real is NOW.

Anxiety is a huge burden for so many of us.  It is caused by the gap between the present and the future. That is where anxiety is created. It’s the red line. The line that we try to reach over in order to control the future with our thoughts. Just knowing where that red line is, is helpful to me. Visualizing it wakes me up and helps me to refocus on the present. We spend way too much of our mental energy imagining all the things that might or could go wrong. Will it help? Will it change anything at all? Save yourself the exhausting anxiety and stay here NOW.

Here’s a great scene from Bridge of Spies: “Don’t you ever worry?”, “Would it help?”

One thought on “9. The Anxiety Gap

  1. Love the visual of the boundary.If I cross the threshold I am in “worry territory” and cause my anxiety.I can choose to come back to now, a moment of mindfulness and calm.


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