Living for Today

Inspired by Matthew 6:25-34 (…consider the lilies of the field) What kind of life do you want?  Are you willing to trust in the goodness of the Creator?  Are you willing to surrender your relentless pursuit of perfection? Are you willing to stop imagining all of your possible future troubles? Today will unfold as itContinue reading “Living for Today”

Living for Today – part 7

Surrender your fears and anxieties.  Your constant worry will not satisfy your needs, it will only amplify them. Instead, open your heart and mind to the goodness of Creation. Open your hands to receive and share the blessings that come to you, big or small. Open your eyes to the little miracles that come yourContinue reading “Living for Today – part 7”

Living for Today – part 5

Consider the wild flowers that grow where they are scattered –  In the field, sometimes in between the rocks, and even through the cracks in the pavement.  They are each beautiful and full of life;  Each carrying within their seed, everything they need to fulfil their destiny.  They grow underground, then burst forth in theirContinue reading “Living for Today – part 5”

Consider the Lilies of the Field…

For many years I found inspiration and consolation from passages in the New Testament. The stories of Jesus’s wisdom teachings, helped me along the way. For example, Matthew 6:25-34, provided me with encouragement, reminders to not be afraid, and to not worry about tomorrow. But here’s the thing… Now when I read this passage, noContinue reading “Consider the Lilies of the Field…”

Choosing Your Feelings?

I love this poster. It is a clear reminder that, while we may not be able to choose the feelings that come our way, we can choose which ones we focus on. That focus then creates a cycle of reinforcement within our brains. In effect, we “teach” our own brains about the importance of whateverContinue reading “Choosing Your Feelings?”

My Spiritual Evolution/Revolution Part 2

A continuation of an imaginary conversation with Diana Butler-Bass based on her book Grounded. Me: As you say, Diana, the world of my childhood Christianity was a three-tiered universe. Looking back it feels a bit like believing that the earth is flat: 1. Heaven= God’s home, with all the angels and saints, where we look forContinue reading “My Spiritual Evolution/Revolution Part 2”

33. Out of Control

Have you ever thought of being “out of control” as a good thing? Fear and anxiety can keep us up wrapped up pretty tight. My fearful younger self worked very hard to bring order into our family life by anticipating any possible problem and controlling every detail. This was my way of keeping us allContinue reading “33. Out of Control”