Good Girls Club Part 2


On reading this post complete with the illustration of the girl in the Catholic school uniform I could relate entirely. i have been weighed down by perfectionism for years and only recently has it let up somewhat because I am more conscious of the harm it causes. This phenomena was promoted in the Catholic school system of my youth because I was trying so hard to be good to avoid the consequences of sin. I also got a dose at home. My mother was a perfectionist who swept her lawn, tended to her white carpets and would not tolerate mistakes from her children. Oh dear this is such a huge topic Perhaps I have just scratched the surface. May we all be free of perfectionism It takes away the joy of living!. We are already perfect and could use a little improvement but not the heavy burden that the good girl imposes on herself.

(This is Deirdre’s grade one class photo. That’s me in the center of the middle row, with the short hair. What a serious little face! BTW Sister Mary Jerome was an angel.)

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