Living for Today – part 8

Make the desires of your heart known to the Creator and then let them go. Live in the present moment, and take a small step in the direction of your dreams. Be present – right here, right now. Now is where you can put your energy. Now where you can affect the future.  Stop spinningContinue reading “Living for Today – part 8”

Consider the Lilies of the Field…

For many years I found inspiration and consolation from passages in the New Testament. The stories of Jesus’s wisdom teachings, helped me along the way. For example, Matthew 6:25-34, provided me with encouragement, reminders to not be afraid, and to not worry about tomorrow. But here’s the thing… Now when I read this passage, noContinue reading “Consider the Lilies of the Field…”

15. Resistance is Futile

This has been a difficult and important lesson for me. Making this sketch really helped me to actually see how futile my resistance was. When I imagined my resistance as a wall of bricks I was pushing against I was able to understand how much energy I was wasting while I pushed back against Life. Continue reading “15. Resistance is Futile”

10. Say Yes to Now

“When you say ‘YES’ to what is, you don’t need pain anymore.  How much more pain do you need before you make that choice?” (Eckhart Tolle) This question kind of stunned me when I first read it – How much more pain do I need before I choose to say YES to the present? YouContinue reading “10. Say Yes to Now”