31. The Price of Freedom

Here is the alternative to a guarded heart – Vulnerability.  Exposure is the price of freedom. A guarded heart is a heart imprisoned.  An exposed heart is free.  Think of the Grinch: A guarded heart is clenched and shrinking. Fear begets fear. An exposed heart is open, relaxed and growing. Love begets love. An exposedContinue reading “31. The Price of Freedom”

27. The Queen of Broken Hearts

OK Warrior. Time to put your intentions to the test. Where is that balance and strength?  3 Little Me’s This picture depicts three Little Me’s acting out my standard reactions to my mother’s insatiable needs.  Run Away(top left) – Avoidance is a no-brainer. If you are not around, you don’t have to deal with theContinue reading “27. The Queen of Broken Hearts”

15. Resistance is Futile

This has been a difficult and important lesson for me. Making this sketch really helped me to actually see how futile my resistance was. When I imagined my resistance as a wall of bricks I was pushing against I was able to understand how much energy I was wasting while I pushed back against Life. Continue reading “15. Resistance is Futile”