35. A Surrendered Heart

Opening your heart – surrendering your heart – it is a risky business.  Yes and, “What have you got to lose?” Being “right” all the time? A braced, constricted, atrophied heart? A “safe” protected life of control and predictability?  A guarded castle complete with tower and moat? A surrendered heart is a trusting heart –Continue reading “35. A Surrendered Heart”


I drew this sketch this morning after reading a delightful passage in Thich Nhat Hanh’s book – Anger. The Chapter was called “Leaving the Shore of Anger”, but it could just as easily be called “Leaving the Shore of Anxiety”. These Pandemic Days of Uncertainty are causing most of us plenty of anxiety. That’s meContinue reading “TAKE THE BOAT!”

April 22, 2020 – May I Suggest?

Today a friend sent me this beautiful song. It is so appropriate for this unique and challenging time. This is a live 2017 recording by Red Molly. Have it a listen. “May I suggest? May I suggest to you? May I suggest this is the best part of your life?” “May I suggest, this timeContinue reading “April 22, 2020 – May I Suggest?”

April 16, 2020 – Dr. Bonnie Henry Shoes

“Be kind, be calm, be safe.” The Dr. Bonnie Henry shoe is coming soon! And it’s pink! And I must have some! Designed as an homage to Dr. Henry, Fluevog plans to donate all proceeds from the pre-orders of these shoes to B.C.’s foodbanks.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the extraordinary leadership of BC’sContinue reading “April 16, 2020 – Dr. Bonnie Henry Shoes”