Life Lessons – my little book

Here it is – at last! My lovely little book has arrived from the printers. It started in 2009 with an art journalling experiment while I was struggling to cope with my mother’s declining health and her increasing anxiety. Ten years later, I looked over the drawings and and found, to my surprise, that theyContinue reading “Life Lessons – my little book”

Meditation PRACTISE (or practice)

On the subject of meditation, I remember hearing an acquaintance once comment: “Oh I tried meditating once and it didn’t work. It’s not for me.” I thought to myself – if you sat down to try to play piano, and found that “it didn’t work”, would you give up after one go? Or would youContinue reading “Meditation PRACTISE (or practice)”

Meditation & Pandora’s Box

So you finally decided to try meditation. Everywhere you turn you hear about its benefits: reduced stress, increased energy, focus, clarity, lower blood pressure, world peace! You sit down, assume the position and turn your gaze inward…expecting a pleasant flood of peace and clarity. Instead you find chaos and confusion.  WHAT!? It’s a bit like openingContinue reading “Meditation & Pandora’s Box”

12. Come Back…

Meditation practice helps me to notice how very busy and noisy my mind is. Delightfully, this busyness is often referred to as Monkey Mind. I like this name because it contains the lightness and humour with which I need to approach my practice. It is tempting to try to tame my Monkey Mind, fighting againstContinue reading “12. Come Back…”