When I Despair, I Feel a Gentle Breeze…

Pat, who describes herself as an “evolving crone”, sent me the following contribution. She has been taking an on-line course from Abby of the Arts. Here are her thoughts on crone-ship and her poem about the healing power of nature. Thanks Pat! The crone does not sit on her laurels of wisdom and experience, insteadContinue reading “When I Despair, I Feel a Gentle Breeze…”

36. With Gratitude

This is the final sketch from the illustrated journal I created during the final two years of my mother’s life. Revisiting these drawings and writing about them, ten years later, has been an amazing journey. They were healing when I drew them, and healing again as I reflected on the lessons learned through that difficultContinue reading “36. With Gratitude”

28. Letting Go of Pain

Pain is a great teacher- both physical pain and emotional pain. I drew this picture when I was experiencing very painful neck spasms. They were quite debilitating and frightening in their intensity. As I sought relief  with massage and pain killers, I also used this imagery to speak to my over-vigilant muscles, thanking them for theirContinue reading “28. Letting Go of Pain”

24. Compassion

When I went through Hospice Volunteer Training, one of the principles we learned was about the importance of Presence. We were taught that the most important thing we could do for someone who is dying, is just “be there”. You don’t have to say anything wise or do anything profound; just be a compassionate presence,Continue reading “24. Compassion”