Living for Today – part 7

Surrender your fears and anxieties.  Your constant worry will not satisfy your needs, it will only amplify them. Instead, open your heart and mind to the goodness of Creation. Open your hands to receive and share the blessings that come to you, big or small. Open your eyes to the little miracles that come yourContinue reading “Living for Today – part 7”

Living for Today – part 6

We are all beautiful in our natural state, be it child, adult or elder. You are created uniquely beautiful, so do not compare yourself to others. Love your body and take good care of it. Do not fret about aging – it is only natural. Why not accept it as gracefully and joyfully as youContinue reading “Living for Today – part 6”

Word for the Day – Gratitude

Pat sent us this lovely contribution for today: A practice of gratitude is not about dismissing sadness, anger, fear, or confusion. Rather, it offers us the opportunity to see that we often experience multiple feelings at once; to welcome joy into the same places where we hold grief; to turn our attention to what isContinue reading “Word for the Day – Gratitude”

36. With Gratitude

This is the final sketch from the illustrated journal I created during the final two years of my mother’s life. Revisiting these drawings and writing about them, ten years later, has been an amazing journey. They were healing when I drew them, and healing again as I reflected on the lessons learned through that difficultContinue reading “36. With Gratitude”


I drew this sketch this morning after reading a delightful passage in Thich Nhat Hanh’s book – Anger. The Chapter was called “Leaving the Shore of Anger”, but it could just as easily be called “Leaving the Shore of Anxiety”. These Pandemic Days of Uncertainty are causing most of us plenty of anxiety. That’s meContinue reading “TAKE THE BOAT!”