34. Freedom

What is Freedom to me? Cessation of judgment and resistance: of myself, others, the world, anything and everything. Letting go of regret and fear. The release of expertise: “I don’t knooooow…” Relaxing and rising into the rhythm of the universe, Taking in the beauty and joy of what is right here, right now, I find Lightness ofContinue reading “34. Freedom”

31. The Price of Freedom

Here is the alternative to a guarded heart – Vulnerability.  Exposure is the price of freedom. A guarded heart is a heart imprisoned.  An exposed heart is free.  Think of the Grinch: A guarded heart is clenched and shrinking. Fear begets fear. An exposed heart is open, relaxed and growing. Love begets love. An exposedContinue reading “31. The Price of Freedom”

13. The House of Thought

Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy. My inner critic seems to never shut up! No matter how hard I try, it is never enough. Perfection has some how become the only acceptable standard. If I spoke to anyone else the way I speak to myself, inside my own head, I would be consideredContinue reading “13. The House of Thought”