33. Out of Control

Have you ever thought of being “out of control” as a good thing? Fear and anxiety can keep us up wrapped up pretty tight. My fearful younger self worked very hard to bring order into our family life by anticipating any possible problem and controlling every detail. This was my way of keeping us allContinue reading “33. Out of Control”

31. The Price of Freedom

Here is the alternative to a guarded heart – Vulnerability.  Exposure is the price of freedom. A guarded heart is a heart imprisoned.  An exposed heart is free.  Think of the Grinch: A guarded heart is clenched and shrinking. Fear begets fear. An exposed heart is open, relaxed and growing. Love begets love. An exposedContinue reading “31. The Price of Freedom”

19. Feel the Feelings

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is nothing at all. Refrain.  “Stay calm, do nothing, feeling the feelings, see what happens.” (Adapted quote from Camille’s dad) When unpleasant feelings come our way, we are driven to move away from those feelings by whatever means necessary. We are programmed that way; to our primitive brains it makesContinue reading “19. Feel the Feelings”