Let Your Imagination Serve You

Thanks to Jennie for sending this great cartoon today. As she says, “If I am going to use my imagination, I am going to imagine a heavenly dream that I feel good while I am focused on it.” If you are imagining things that make you feel bad – stop! You know that feeling whenContinue reading “Let Your Imagination Serve You”

A Woo-Woo Moment

I’ve just returned from a week of camping with three of my women friends. Well, it was really more like “glamping” – water, eletricity, both ocean view and shade trees, wine and delicious meals, and time to read. I was continuing to read Sue Monk Kidd’s latest book – The Book of Longings. I cameContinue reading “A Woo-Woo Moment”

P.S. Becoming My Own Mother

June 26, 2020 This dream came to me in September of 2010, about a month after my mother’s death. It was such a powerful dream, that I can still remember it 10 years. I cannot recall most of my dreams after 30 seconds. For most of my life I had longed for and grieved theContinue reading “P.S. Becoming My Own Mother”