Curiosity – a Portal to Compassion

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about curiosity – curious about curiosity, you might say. I have begun to notice how curiosity, has led me into understanding and then made it easier to access compassion. The first way I noticed the benefits of curiosity was when I learned about becoming an observer of my ownContinue reading “Curiosity – a Portal to Compassion”

29. The Alchemy of the Peacock

Alchemy was the forerunner to modern day Chemistry; a mysterious and seemingly magical practice where base metals were transformed into gold. This sketch depicts the alchemy, the transformation, of arrows of negative thoughts and feelings, into the flowers of understanding and peace.  How is this accomplished?  By carefully observing our negative thoughts and feelings throughContinue reading “29. The Alchemy of the Peacock”

24. Compassion

When I went through Hospice Volunteer Training, one of the principles we learned was about the importance of Presence. We were taught that the most important thing we could do for someone who is dying, is just “be there”. You don’t have to say anything wise or do anything profound; just be a compassionate presence,Continue reading “24. Compassion”

April 23, 2020 Walking Myself Home – 58 Years Later

A Story About an Old Story. When I was six years old, we moved from Nanaimo to Victoria, 100 km south, still on Vancouver Island; my parents, my older brother, my baby brother and me. We were still newish immigrants, having moved to Canada from Ireland a few years before.  Soon after our move to VictoriaContinue reading “April 23, 2020 Walking Myself Home – 58 Years Later”