Life Lessons – my little book

Here it is – at last! My lovely little book has arrived from the printers.

It started in 2009 with an art journalling experiment while I was struggling to cope with my mother’s declining health and her increasing anxiety. Ten years later, I looked over the drawings and and found, to my surprise, that they were powerful reminders of the life lessons I had learned. I began to post them onto this blog along with my reflections on these lessons.

Fast forward through the 2020/21 Covid-19 pandemic – with lots of time to reflect and write – and now I am delighted to have my Life Lessons in the form of a beautiful book.

I have sent these drawings and musings out into the world, hoping that they might encourage others and maybe even relieve some suffering. If you would like a copy of this book please email me at

I have given away the first 100 copies. Another shipment is on its way.

They will be $25 CAD each, plus postage. Please email me if you would like a book:

6 thoughts on “Life Lessons – my little book

  1. This is a beautiful book with such wisdom from the text and the art work. I have been sharing it in my counselling practice. One recipient of this book has decided to explore one theme, a day or even a few days at a time. There is great depth in this little masterpiece and it takes time and patience to integrate the lessons. The author hoped others would benefit from the sharing of her journey. Her prayer has been answered.

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