Meditation & Pandora’s Box

So you finally decided to try meditation. Everywhere you turn you hear about its benefits: reduced stress, increased energy, focus, clarity, lower blood pressure, world peace! You sit down, assume the position and turn your gaze inward…expecting a pleasant flood of peace and clarity. Instead you find chaos and confusion.  WHAT!?

It’s a bit like opening Pandora’s Box. Instead of treasure you find all of the thoughts and emotions that you have been studiously avoiding all this time, through distraction and busyness.  Be assured – those feelings and thoughts have been present in your inner world all along. You have just been ignoring them.

Do you stay or do you go? Staying takes courage and trust and patience. 

First it is important to understand that this kind of mental confusion and noise is normal. There’s even a name for it – Monkey Mind. With time and practise you can gradually calm your monkeys and experience some of that calm and inner glow that you were hoping for. 

Through regular practice – even 5 minutes a day – you will learn to observe your inner world and let it gradually settle. Calm and clarity will come, in time, from inside.

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