Living for Today

Inspired by Matthew 6:25-34 (…consider the lilies of the field)

What kind of life do you want? 

Are you willing to trust in the goodness of the Creator? 

Are you willing to surrender your relentless pursuit of perfection?

Are you willing to stop imagining all of your possible future troubles?

Today will unfold as it should, and so will tomorrow, so why not let go and enjoy the ride?


Consider the mystery of the birds in the sky. 

They live for today. 

They sing and play and work and live; according to the instincts with which they are created.

They sing the songs they were created to sing.

And when it rains, they rest.


The birds are intimately tied to the cycles of the earth – 

The life that comes from the Creator. 

You, too, are a part of the stream of life.

And yet you resist, grasp, worry and second-guess – 

All in an effort to control your fear of not having enough or not being enough.


Why be anxious? Will it help? Will it keep trouble and pain at bay? 

No – it may even draw them closer! 

Breathe and then focus on the next step before you. 

Holding your breath will only deprive you of oxygen.

Keep breathing and stepping – 

The rest will unfold, come what may.


Consider the wild flowers that grow where they are scattered – 

In the field, sometimes in between the rocks, and even through the cracks in the pavement. 

They are each beautiful and full of life; 

Each carrying within their seed, everything they need to fulfil their destiny. 

They grow underground, then burst forth in their season, 

And die back into the earth, only to bloom again next year. 

This ebb and flow is a part of our lives too. 

It is the rhythm of Creation. 


We are all beautiful in our natural state, be it child, adult or elder.

You are created uniquely beautiful, so do not compare yourself to others.

Love your body and take good care of it.

Do not fret about aging – it is only natural.

Why not accept it as gracefully and joyfully as you can?

Try to be grateful for each day.


Surrender your fears and anxieties. 

Your constant worry will not satisfy your needs, it will only amplify them.

Instead, open your heart and mind to the goodness of Creation.

Open your hands to receive and share the blessings that come to you, big or small.

Open your eyes to the little miracles that come your way, illuminating your path.


Make the desires of your heart known to the Creator and then let them go.

Live in the present moment, and take a small step in the direction of your dreams.

Be present – right here, right now.

Now is where you can put your energy.

Now is where you can affect the future. 

Stop spinning your wheels on tomorrow’s work. 

Tomorrow exists only in your imagination. 

It will be real enough when it arrives.

And when tomorrow becomes today,  

You can practise being present to the day, all over again. 

Photo by Sebastian Sammer – courtsey of Unsplash

One thought on “Living for Today

  1. This text brings up that we have choice moment to moment to live with more ease and freedom by not following “ monkey mind.” I have found that pausing throughout the day can catch negative thoughts and is a reminder to let go and be present as this blog suggests.


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