Consider the Lilies of the Field…

For many years I found inspiration and consolation from passages in the New Testament. The stories of Jesus’s wisdom teachings, helped me along the way. For example, Matthew 6:25-34, provided me with encouragement, reminders to not be afraid, and to not worry about tomorrow.

But here’s the thing…

Now when I read this passage, no matter which translation or paraphrase I try, I get stuck on the language – OK, and some of the concepts too.

Specifically, I struggle with the idea of God as person. It is said that this is because we are created in the image of God, but surely it makes more sense that our idea of God has been created in our own images because that’s all we know. And of course there is the masculine language, God the Father, Son etc. It is past time for that to change. I also struggle with the idea that God is an intervener – a rescuer. When those who are saved from peril give the credit to God, I always wonder: What about those who were not saved?

A few weeks ago, as I opened my Bible(s) again for the first time in ten years, I wondered if I could use this passage in Matthew 6 as inspiration to write my own words of inspiration and consolation for my life as it is in 2020.

Collaborating with my friend Anna, we came up with the following eight posts. I hope you find them to be words of inspiration, consolation and encouragement too.

Living for Today – part 1

Inspired by Matthew 6:25-34 (…consider the lilies of the field)

Photo by Serafima Lazarenko- courtesy of Unsplash

What kind of life do you want? 

Are you willing to trust in the goodness of the Creator? 

Are you willing to surrender your relentless pursuit of perfection?

Are you willing to stop imagining all of your possible future troubles?

Today will unfold as it should, and so will tomorrow, so why not let go and enjoy the ride?

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