Let Your Imagination Serve You

Thanks to Jennie for sending this great cartoon today. As she says, “If I am going to use my imagination, I am going to imagine a heavenly dream that I feel good while I am focused on it.”

If you are imagining things that make you feel bad – stop!

You know that feeling when you wake up and realize that your nightmare is only a dream? Phew!

That realization can work for daytime imagining too. If it is not happening now, then it is only a dream. You can leave it behind.

One thought on “Let Your Imagination Serve You

  1. Thank for this great reminder. We are what we think. it is easy to fall off the positive these days with all the negative in the news. I don’t want to be in denial of reality or to be a Pollyanna but also want to stay connected to optimism for human kind and the power of Love.


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