A Woo-Woo Moment

I’ve just returned from a week of camping with three of my women friends. Well, it was really more like “glamping” – water, eletricity, both ocean view and shade trees, wine and delicious meals, and time to read.

I was continuing to read Sue Monk Kidd’s latest book – The Book of Longings. I came to page 196 (in the hardcover edition), where I read about the main character named Ana, and her dream:

“I am giving birth, squatting over the hole in the corner…(the baby) slips from me into Yaltha’s hands, and I reach for her… When Yaltha places her in arms, I’m startled to see the baby is myself. Yaltha says, “Why look, you are the mother and the baby both.”

I read this passage with a lurch of recognition. This was my dream. The one I had ten years ago. The one I wrote about this past June, and referred to last week in my previous blog post:

One day, as I walked through the woods, I was surprised to find that I was pregnant, fully pregnant, and going into labour. So I walked to the seashore where I found myself alone on a beach. I realized that I was going to have to go through labour and birthing this baby without anyone to help me, so I lay down on the sand, near the lapping waves, and proceeded to deliver my own baby. As I gathered the baby in my arms, I looked down, and was astonished to see that the baby was… me. I had given birth to another me! I had become my own mother. I could mother myself.

Sure the details and settings are different, but the punch line of the stories is the same.


Maybe this is some kind of archetypal story that I read somewhere and then processed through my dreams. Have any of you readers come across this mother-birthing-herself story before?

There are more layers of synchronicity involved with this woo-woo moment, that I won’t get into here, but they definitely got the hairs on the back of my neck prickling.

However this came about, the timing is pretty cool. It sure got my attention, and it made me smile.

One thought on “A Woo-Woo Moment

  1. Thanks for this beautiful sharing. Giving birth to one’s authentic self held in perfect love seems to be the fruit of the spiritual life.


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