Theo-poetry from Marie Howe

Gail sent us this link to a video made at the Boston University Theo-poetics Conference in 2016. I had never heard of Marie Howe or theo-poetics. Thankfully I took the time to listen, and was immediately engaged and intrigued, both by her poetry and her commentary.

Regarding her own discovery of theo-poetry she says, “Poetry didn’t have answers, but had companionship, and could hold the questions themselves, without having to resolve them into answers, into dogma.”


She also quotes 13th century theologian Meister Eckhart: ” We are all meant to be mothers of God…for God is always needing to be born.”

YES, YES! I feel the need to draw this idea somehow, so that I can take it in more thoroughly.

(The video is 1hr16min long, so it takes awhile, but even a short dip into its content will reward you.)

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