July 2, 2020


What makes a flower creep up between the cracks of a sidewalk?

What is that divine urge to grow?

What compels it / drives it / calls it/ compels it?

When conditions are so sparse, why not dry out and rest and die?

A friend recently posed this question:

“Why are we always trying to improve ourselves? Aren’t we already just fine?”

Good question.

Is the urge to grow the same as the urge to improve?

Surely there is a way to balance self-acceptance and still enjoy the energy that comes from learning and growing.

Perhaps that urge to learn and grow is the same as creative energy – that force that causes me to seek out and create beauty; that drives me improve my craft and understand new ideas.

While meeting with my circle of crones, several of us were wondering aloud about our purpose in life, now that our children are grown, and we have retired from our careers. Marion, the eldest in our group by about 20 years, looked around at us and said, with a twinkle in her eyes,

“Now- your responsibility is to grow!”

“Aaah!”, we all said, and relaxed. 

One thought on “Growing

  1. I too have noticed the flowering of a plant on our cement driveway and thought about the power of growth out of adverse conditions- for humans too!. Growth is intentional and is a positive word. I do like the Zen saying” I am already perfect and could use a little improvement.” This phrase takes away the judgement that can occur when the word improvement carries a rejection of self in present consciousness and circumstances.


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