36. With Gratitude

This is the final sketch from the illustrated journal I created during the final two years of my mother’s life. Revisiting these drawings and writing about them, ten years later, has been an amazing journey. They were healing when I drew them, and healing again as I reflected on the lessons learned through that difficult passage. 

I am reminded, again, of the power of journaling as a tool for reflection and insight. Without this journal I might not have had this opportunity to remind myself of how far I have come. I have learned some pretty great life lessons through my personal challenges, and I continue to learn and relearn them. 

I continue to look for and focus on the good. These days, I see it all around me. My life is very good. I have so much to be grateful for.

And to my mother’s spirit, wherever or whatever she is now – Thank you for your love, and for bequeathing me with a life-long passion for learning and growth. 

2 thoughts on “36. With Gratitude

  1. I love the drawing. I think it is always good to reflect on how much we have grown and learned from life experience.


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