32. Open Your Heart

Learning to have an open heart, to not be defensive, is an on-going, day by day challenge. Fear is not banished once and for all, but it does become more manageable and less frightening. 

I am learning to not be afraid of fear. I can now look at it: “Fear is happening” (rather than “I am afraid”), and be curious about it, “Why is there fear?” One of my most useful tools for discovery is journaling. When I feel my heart constricting with fear or anxiety, I sit down with pen and paper and I start writing, describing  the feelings I am experiencing. Once I begin, I listen carefully to my inner voice. Sometimes an echo of a memory appears (write it down), or I might be arguing with my own feelings, “Don’t be an idiot…” (write it down). I watch for ways that I am acting or feeling, based on ancient history or assumptions that I know to be incorrect. I watch for ways that I am being unreasonable or dishonest or judgmental to others or myself, and I work at being compassionate to myself and others. 

And then I breathe, to open my heart and cool my brain. 

Most often a path forward appears. A path based on a relaxed heart and a better understanding of my feelings. Sometimes I end up with an action plan based on baby steps, and staying rooted in the present moment. 

One thought on “32. Open Your Heart

  1. The process of therapeutic writing described here is something that I would like to try. I am honest with my thoughts and feelings in the journaling. This inquiry will open to the wisdom and clarity of the higher Self. I just may end up in a more peaceful state after writing in this way.


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