28. Letting Go of Pain

Pain is a great teacher- both physical pain and emotional pain. I drew this picture when I was experiencing very painful neck spasms. They were quite debilitating and frightening in their intensity. As I sought relief  with massage and pain killers, I also used this imagery to speak to my over-vigilant muscles, thanking them for their efforts to protect me, but causing me more pain instead.

It is so clear to me, looking back, how much stress was involved in these painful episodes.  It was a great manifestation of the emotional pain I was experiencing. The words I wrote to my neck muscles were just as appropriate to the psychic pain I was experiencing.  “Guarding muscles, you are trying to protect me but you are causing me PAIN. It is time to let go now…. thank you.”

We all have “psychic muscles” that have great intentions; intentions to protect and guard us. Like spasming neck muscles, these psychic muscles are often overactive and add suffering instead of relieving it. Both kinds of muscles involve your brain recognizing patterns and racing to the rescue with a rehearsed response. It’s kind of like that old saying, “ When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Teaching you brain new responses starts with recognizing the old ones. Then you can chose new responses, rehearse and practice them until they become your brain’s new favourites.   Easy-peasy right?  Simple but it takes a lot of practice. 

2 thoughts on “28. Letting Go of Pain

  1. The personal story is much appreciated. If we are connected holistically ,mind body emotions and spirit it only makes sense that the body holds our emotional pain. in my experience therapeutic massage can. release emotional holding and also yoga practice. I love the mantra of letting go as our spirit really does want our freedom and well being at all levels.


    1. Yes, I have been brought to tears in yoga class, as my body relaxed and let go of tension. It was a little embarrassing at first, but then I learned how healthy it was, and also, quite a common experience.



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