21. Drop the Story

Question: What’s truer than the Truth?  Answer: The Story. 

This paraphrased Jewish proverb speaks of the power of Story. 

Power for good, meaning, understanding, joy or pride.

Story also has the power to invoke fear, helplessness, anger, resentment, or shame.

When I read Eckhart Tolle’s advice – “Drop the Storyline”, I became curious about what stories I had been telling myself about my life.  

Had they become truer that the truth? 

Were my stories even true?  Well of course they were true, but were they based on fact? There’s the rub.

Thus began a life changing exercise for me.

How do I drop the storyline and open up to what is?

What stories have I been telling myself?

Were they true? 

Were they helping me?

 Or were they harming me?

One thought on “21. Drop the Story

  1. When I look at the drawing and read the text I wonder about the practice of turning the mind, changing a story from negative to positive, For myself I run a favourite” I am not good enough story”. Is there a way I can rewrite this one? I am working on a new script.

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