20. Travel Light

I have learned to travel light, with my carry-on suitcase only. Yes, it is challenging.

We have all had that experience of over-packing for a trip, and then hauling around all those items that we do not need or even use. What a waste of energy. So I’ve learned to pack only 2 pairs of shoes, to dress in colour-coordinated layers, and to do laundry while I’m away. Simple but not easy.

Even more challenging is learning to ditch the emotional baggage that I drag around with me.  My anxiety tells me that I need to be ready for anything – plan ahead, rehearse every scenario, prepare for every possible emergency – protect & defend. Oh my! And the energy I spend on carrying around all those cautionary tales from my past? It’s all just exhausting. 

All of my projecting into the future and recalling the past has blurred my vision in the present. I can be so caught up in my tales of the past and my fears about the future that I am not fully present in my own life as it is happening. 

I am learning to travel lighter by accepting life as it comes to me; experiencing life in the present tense, unencumbered by all that extra baggage. I feel much lighter.

2 thoughts on “20. Travel Light

  1. Deirdre, I have been enjoying and appreciating your thoughtful posts with their poignant artful images, very much. This one is relevant to these unusual times, where one can be easily overwhelmed by bad news and perhaps get caught up dragging around so much fear and sadness… and that is on top of the old chestnuts of the past that still weigh me down. Traveling lighter is a wonderful goal. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  2. The image of the loaded wagon really hits the mark. Maybe a backpack instead with a few essentials for mindful living in the present moment.

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