18. Old Frenemies

Pain Body is what Eckhart Tolle calls the historical pain that controls our emotions from our past. Everyone has a Pain Body – it’s part of the human experience. It’s kind of like the monster in the basement. Some would call it the baggage that we carry with us. When conditions or events trigger a familiar pattern in our brains, the Pain Body awakens and tries to be helpful by telling us what to think and feel. The trouble is that those reactions are based on history, sometimes ancient history, not on what is happening right now. 

I found it so helpful to recognize that we all have these patterns of thought and feelings buried deep in our psyche. When my Pain Body awakens, my work is to recognize it, and let it pass on through. Do not feed it or buy into it. Just smile and say, “Hi Pain Body, I see you. Thanks for your concern but I’ve got this now.”

One thought on “18. Old Frenemies

  1. I love this drawing of the eye seeing the pain body and the text re not feeding old wounds and the past stories. It can be easier to let go if one has revisited and grieved the origins of the pain body.This is where psycho therapy can be helpful.

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