13. The House of Thought

Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy. My inner critic seems to never shut up! No matter how hard I try, it is never enough. Perfection has some how become the only acceptable standard. If I spoke to anyone else the way I speak to myself, inside my own head, I would be considered abusive.

Inner resistance and anxiety makes me feel like I’m a prisoner. 

Until I realize – oh yah – there may be bars on the windows, but the door is unlocked. 

The only one keeping me in prison, is…me…

I am the prisoner AND also the jailer!

Freedom is closer than you think! What would it take to just walk out that door; the door of the prison you have built yourself, in your own head?

4 thoughts on “13. The House of Thought

  1. There are many books written about the inner critic but this art form and prose with a dash of humour drives home the message in a unique and powerful way. We can free ourselves from this painful habit by repeatedly letting the abusive inner voice go and also adding loving kindness toward self. Felling much lighter we can walk through that door,


  2. Deirdre, your illustrations of the concepts are beautiful, thoughtful, and accurate representations that I am very much enjoying and appreciating! The frizzy, red worry ball, this brick S#*+ House, and so many more – brilliant! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents.


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