12. Come Back…

Meditation practice helps me to notice how very busy and noisy my mind is. Delightfully, this busyness is often referred to as Monkey Mind. I like this name because it contains the lightness and humour with which I need to approach my practice. It is tempting to try to tame my Monkey Mind, fighting against it by making it still. “Trying hard to relax!”; ( Yes, I have been known to say this!)  

Like so many challenges that life brings us, the only way to get past it, is through it.  The only way past Monkey Mind is acknowledge the commentary and stories that are streaming through your mind, and then, one by one, letting them go. The practice is not about achieving a serene mind; it is about noticing your thoughts, and then letting them go. Let them pass through like the clouds in the sky. 

See the storyline…..drop it…..come back to the freshness of the moment.

2 thoughts on “12. Come Back…

  1. Monkey mind beautifully explained and illustrated with the realization that I can be the boss of my thoughts, the defeat of the busy monkey over and over again. I begin again and again to return to the present.


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