1. Begin Again

I’ve always loved the fresh start-ness of a new journal- choosing a new book, the feel of the

paper, choosing the right pen; all the best of intentions and hopes for new insights. I can still

remember how I felt as I began with this drawing. I put the pen down on the first page and

waited to see what would appear.

I love the Buddhist principle of Beginner’s Mind. It has given me the freedom to celebrate new

beginnings as gifts that come to me – each new day, each new page, each new breath. Everytime

I notice myself wander off, away from my intentions, I can smile and gently say to myself,

“Begin Again”. For me this applies to my monkey brain during meditation, my on-and-off

efforts at exercise, healthy eating and mindful living, as well as numerous other aspects of my

life. I am letting go of striving for perfection and learning to enjoy my humanity… begin again.

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