April 15, 2020 – The Power of Choice

Here’s another gem from Richard Wagamese:

Move in the direction that brings you closer to the Creator, in all things.

The trail will be revealed and the helpers will come to you. 

Ask yourself: “is what I’m choosing moving me closer or further away from the Creator?” 

Give thanks for the power of choice.

photo credit:greg-rakozy-oMpAz-DN-9I-unsplash.jpg

When I read about this power to choose, I was excited to have this touchstone to refer to. Choices are taking on a different meaning in recent weeks. In some ways we have many fewer choices – STAY AT HOME! That’s the edict. But there are many new choices that come with our change in circumstances. Each day is a new opportunity to get creative. How will you spend your days at home?  The answer to that question is different for each of us. 

For me, this time at home is an opportunity to dig into some creative projects that have been neglected. The recent past few months has been a quiet period in my life, so when the pandemic orders to isolate came about, I was ready to challenge myself. I have been spending regular time to painting, play music, walk, meditate and – building a website. 

For others, who are in need of respite, this time has been one of retreat. Freedom from structure and outside demands is their path to the Creator.

For some, this is an extremely challenging time – fear, anxiety and depression are constant companions as they self-isolate. Sometimes just getting out of bed can be a creative act! 

The point is to make your choices consciously. Are the choices you are making bringing you closer or further away from the Creator?

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