March 31, 2020 – Let us begin…

First of all, let’s clear something up. The word CRONE has come to mean an ugly old woman. We are wanting to reclaim the archetypal image of the old wise women, the one with the magical powers. Crones as strong women with powers of endurance.

Those of us in our 3rd Act (i.e. over 60) are discovering a new world of time and freedom. Freedom from the restraints of work and raising children. So, how will we use our magic powers – our time, freedom, wisdom and creativity? Our prescribed roles are no longer relevant so it’s time to reinvent ourselves. 

The downside of freedom from our former roles can be lack of purpose and community. We are also discovering the challenges of inhabiting aging bodies. Health has never felt as precious as it does now, especially right now, while we are in the grip of the global pandemic that is Covid 19. Never have we felt so isolated and needed community more that right now. 

I hope that this website can facilitate connections with like-minded women. I hope you will find community and inspiration on these pages. I hope you might even decide to contribute. 

So, here we go…

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